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Money management with binary options – Trading rules


So what is money management? Money management represents a set of investment rules or discipline. And it is absolutely essential that money management becomes an important aspect of any of your binary options trading strategies. Advanced money management skills allow you to properly decide on the level of conviction and amount you are ready to allocate to a trade. If ... Read More »

Binary options trading tools and functionalities – Double up


An interesting thing to check regarding the choice of your binary options broker is the trading functionalities that are proposed on the related broker’s platform. Three of the most common trading tools provided by the best binary options brokers are the double up, the rollover, and the early closure. These functionalities can have different names amid different brokers but they ... Read More »

Three rules to improve your binary option’s risk management


Risk management is the most important aspect of trading. Especially when trading binary options that are highly speculative financial instruments. Most traders and members of the website team believe risk management is a more important aspect of trading then the actual strategy you implement. It is a common mistake for traders to overlook the risk they take in their pursuit ... Read More »

Is binary option trading easy compared to forex?


If you are new to financial markets, it is a legitimate question to ask yourself. Is binary options trading easy compared to forex? Is it more risky? From a theoretical point of view: we would say yes! Binary options are a lot easier to understand than forex trading instruments (CFD, Swaps, Forward Rate Agreements, Dual Currency Notes…). All these financial instrument valuations ... Read More »