Wednesday , 18 October 2017
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Oil price at lows – Time to buy binary options on oil?


Oil is currently trading at its lowest level in 7 years as oil supply helped by the shale industry in the United States far outweighs oil demand weakened by the slowing global economic growth. If you add the increasing competition from renewable energies such as solar power or natural gas, you can easily understand why oil is down almost 70% ... Read More »

Best ETF to Trade Oil – Trading Commodities – Best Oil ETFs


More and more retail investors are searching for simple and affordable ways to speculate on oil prices. There exist two effective ways to trade oil: through ETF and through binary options. An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a listed instrument that tracks the performance of oil but that trades like an equity stock and that is a lot more affordable ... Read More »

Oil ETF investors increase their long bets


Brent crude oil futures, the global benchmark contract for European oil trading, are trading modestly higher in Asian trading Tuesday and that could be a sign the United States Brent Oil ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is poised to continue a rally that has seen one of 2014’s worst-performing ETF surge 24.5% over the past month. There are more indications that oil ... Read More »

Trading oil with binary options – buy or sell


Crude oil is at the cornerstone of the global economy and happens to also be the most traded commodity in the world in terms of value. Even though there exist a lot of other popular commodity assets among retail traders (gold, copper, wheat…), oil is also the most traded commodity among retail traders either through binary options, CFD or futures contracts. Why? ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia cuts its selling oil prices to the US


Yesterday Saudi Arabia cut the price it charges for its oil in the United States, adding an additional step to the price war to regain market shares lost to American shale oil producers. The announcement came after US oil prices (price of the Western Texas Intermediate crude oil that is the benchmark for oil produced in the United States) fell ... Read More »