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Asset Classes Presentation – Binary Options Trading

asset classes binary options trading

If you want to trade binary options, you must first understand the basic principles of financial markets trading. As we explained it in our previous article, “trading is an investment activity that involves the buying and selling of financial assets.” These financial assets can be of different types. Within financial markets, we call these different types “asset classes”. There exist ... Read More »

Google surpasses Apple on market capitalization – Buy or Sell?


Online advertising and search engine company Alphabet, the new holding behind the Google brand, just became the biggest listed company by market capitalization this week. After Google reported better than excepted earnings on Tuesday, the stock of the company opened up 3% pushing the market capitalization of the tech giant to $529.3 billion, higher than Apple’s $529.3 billion as of ... Read More »

Apple – Time To Buy Shares after the weak earnings ?


Apple reported disappointing earnings this week and the shares of the tech company went down by 6% in the following trading sessions. Is it the time to buy the stocks on weakness or is there further downside to come? This is the question we will try to answer in this article. Sooner this week, Apple reported weak earnings compared to ... Read More »

Buy Facebook stocks after the tremendous 4Q earnings?


The Famous social network Facebook just reported its 4Q earnings and came out with a strong beat on all metrics. Facebook just beat analysts’ estimates in terms of revenue, net profit and user growth. It seems that nothing can stop the social media company that is more and more emerging as the worldwide online-targeted advertisement leader. Details of the Facebook ... Read More »

Buy Alibaba shares with no commission


The Chinese e-commerce giant continues its tremendous growth on the sector and just registered an astronomical Singles’ Day sales yesterday. The stock jumped after the company announced it handled $14.3 billion in sales over the 24-hour shopping period, a 60 percent increase compared to the previous year in 2014. You could argue that it might not be the best time ... Read More »

Buy Ferrari stocks without commissions


Ferrari is the hottest equity stock at the moment and everybody is talking about it. Fiat Chrysler that owned the luxury car producer for many years has decided to IPO the company. An IPO, Initial Public Offering, consists of listing a comnpany on a stock exchange so that traders around the world can buy or sell shares of the company ... Read More »

Can Twitter predict the stock market moves? Binary Trading


According to a newly released study by the European Central Bank, social media Twitter would be able to predict the stock market evolution. In a 23 page report, the ECB lays down the conclusion of a statistical study that shows that the analysis of social media platform Twitter posts tend to lead google search and investor sentiment on the stock ... Read More »

Do Record Stock Highs Signal a Top? Market update


US equity stocks have been posting new records and marking new tops despite investor concerns about slowing US corporate profit growth, persistent sluggishness in the economy and Greek bailout negotiations – to name just a few of the headwinds facing equities today. Adding to the anxiety is the fact that many investors are reasonably worried over the impact of the ... Read More »

Internet Stock list by Credit Suisse – Equity binary options


Credit Suisse, the famous Swiss investment bank, just released a 200-pages report on internet stocks in order to provide its clients with its forecasts on the sector and highlight the trends and stocks to follow in this widely diversified sector. We had access to this report and propose you a short sum-up of the ideas discussed through the study as ... Read More »

Bloomberg is cautious on US equity valuations


Bloomberg just released an interesting article about US equity stocks yesterday. It basically looks at important financial market ratios which are key fundamental indicators for equity investor who build their trading strategies on fundamental analysis. The article studies the evolution of the price to sales ratio of the S&P500 Index, the most important benchmark for US companies across all sectors. ... Read More »