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StockTwits – free binary option advices and signals

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If you don’t already know StockTwits then you are clearly missing out and it is about time you start looking into it. StockTwits is like the twitter for trading. Thousands of individual traders and market commentators are freely providing trading advices, market views and technical levels to the community. It is like a social media that is particularly focus on equity stocks and Forex / ETF to a lesser extent. It turns out to be a really useful tool for active traders that are looking for short-term trading strategies such as the one you would implement with binary options.


Example of live comments on StockTwits for Apple

Free trading strategies from StockTwits’ contributors

For example, if you want to trade a binary option on Apple, you just have to type “Apple” on the search window of the StockTwits’s platform and you will instantly have access to all the latest contributor’s comments on the stock. Contributors on StockTwits can post all sort of comments: it can be a piece of news that is only available on professional platforms (Bloomberg, Reuters…), it can be a personal opinion on a stock or it can be important technical levels and indicators to watch for the specific security. Most of the contributors are indeed using technical analysis chart to support their strategies and opinions. They can also use the “Bearish” or “Bullish” emoticons to express their view on the stock. If you are a beginner in technical analysis, StockTwits can help you understand more complex indicators and you will even be able to compare your analyses with those of the expert contributors.


Example of freely available technical analysis on StockTwits

The first trading social media

We have personally been using StockTwits for several years now in order to validate or deny potential strategies. It is a really useful tool when it comes to get a quick insight into the market sentiment on a specific security. The sentiment window aggregates the Bearish and Bullish tags of the contributors and displays a live evolution of the general sentiment on the specific stock. If you like the comments, strategies or technicals of a specific contributor, you can “follow” him and automatically receive all his next contributions directly in your mailbox.

We really believe StockTwits is an interesting tool for binary option traders as most of the contributors are short-term investors that can provide you with original and documented trading views and strategies. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our detailed ranking of the best binary options brokers regulated in the UK and use StockTwits’ contents to build your own trading strategy.

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