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Safe Cash Binary Trading Robot Review – SCAM alert

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Safe Cash, another binary options scam, just launched an extended email marketing campaign in many countries. Don’t be fooled, this so-called binary options trading robot is a pure scam and we are going to prove it in the following article. One again, keep your money safe and don’t invest a single cent with Safe Cash.

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Safe Cash Review

Safe Cash is just another of the many online scams trying to steal investors money with promise of easy and guaranteed profits generated by a trading robot. First of all, binary option trading is an investment activity. Like any other investment activities, it involves a certain degree of risk and one can even say that binary options rank high in terms of risk when compared with most financial instruments. So the fact that so-called trading genius Richard Carrier pretends the system is 100% risk free should represents a major red flag for any scam investigator like us. Oh by the way, Richard Carrier does not even exist. After a thorough investigation, we are able to assert that no Richard Carrier ever graduated from Harvard or managed a successful Hedge Fund. If you type “Peru Kozamara” on google image, you will find the exact same photo used to represent so-called Richard Carrier. Safe Cash is a scam that uses fake names and fake identities to try and foster trust among investors.

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Safe Cash is a scam – Testimonials are all fake

The presentation video of Safe Cash features many different testimonies. The first problem is that Richard Carrier insists on the human interactions used by the robot. He explains that trading robots are unable to adapt to certain market conditions and that a group of traders manually approves the transaction to improve the performance of the Safe Cash algorithm. So why don’t we see any of these traders in the presentation video? They only people featured on the video are well known actors from freelance website Fiverr.com. You can check for the profiles of the first two actors featured in the video here and here. Trust us, these guys are not millionaires. They are actors paid to say whatever you pay them to say.

Safe Cash performances are note 3rd Party Verified

We’ve mentioned this in several previous articles, but just to be clear once and for all, there is NO such thing as a 3rd party verification systems for binary options trading robot. A 3rd party would have to be a non-biased government regulated force. No such institution exists. Financial regulators are simply there to provide brokers with trading licences and authorization based on their level of compliance with financial laws. Any institution that pretends to verify or audit the performances of a binary options trading robot like Safe Cash is just another scam created by the same protagonists.

Last but not least, the “terms and condition” and “privacy policy” just bring up a “404” error page, so the site itself is just a joke.

Only trade with regulated brokers

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Our Safe Cash review is clear, the system presented by this so-called Richard Carrier is a confirmed binary options scam designed to steal your money. Keep your money safe and invest with regulated binary options brokers if you really want to try binary options trading. All our recommended brokers that you can find on the “Broker Reviews” section of the website are legit and will really help you learn about binary options and trading strategies.

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