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Prestige Option – Available Option types and Maturities

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As explained in our detailed Prestige Option review, the broker uses the new and performing TradeSmarter trading platform. This new trading platform presents many advantages and gives Prestige Option’s clients the opportunity to trade multiple binary options types. Depending on your account type, the Prestige Option platform proposes High/Low binary options with maturities ranging from 60 second to 5 minutes. The StrategiX platform, that was designed for more experienced traders, offers more advanced binary option types. Trades will be able to build complex trading strategies with Above/Below, Range and Touch/No Touch binary options.

Prestige Option available binary options types

Prestige Option – option types and available assets

The TradeSmarter platform used by Prestige Option was designed to give traders greater flexibility for their strategies. All the different binary option types are available from the same window and you can easily switch between assets and maturities. Prestige Option recently introduced a new binary option type with the first ever Pair binary options available on the TradeSmarter platform. Pairs are currently tradable on Gold vs. Silver and on Amazon vs. Alibaba. Prestige Option chose the most popular Pair binary option underlying assets from other brokers. The Gold vs. Silver Pair binary option is indeed the most traded one among other brokers proposing this option type.

Advanced option types available with Prestige Option

Advanced Prestige Option account types will give traders access to the StrategiX platform. The StrategiX platform offers more complex binary option types.

Touch/No Touch binary options
With Touch/No Touch options you receive a payout if the price of the asset touches or goes above (respectively below) a specific target price. These options are a bit riskier than standard High/Low binary options but they also propose higher returns.

Range binary options
Range binary options were designed for the implementation of range trading strategies. With range binary options, you can decide to speculate on the fact that an asset price will stay within a specific range or break it until the maturity of the option.

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With an attractive welcome binary options bonus, an efficient trading platform and competitive trading tools, Prestige Option is the perfect partner for your binary options trading strategies. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our detailed Prestige Option Review and use our secured link to benefit from additional advantages with the broker.

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