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Review – The Ninja Profit System or Ninja Profits is a Scam

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According to some of our readers, scam binary options robot Ninja Profit System also called Ninja Profits is back online. The scam binary robot is rumored to have updated its website and is currently using email marketing agencies to spam English-speaking customers all over the world. We urge you not to deposit any money with the Ninja Profit System. Ninja Profits is a pure scam that already stole trader’s money in the past and is now trying to do the same under a different name.

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The company is not regulated and is registered in a tax haven so most financial regulators cannot do anything about it. This is the reason why most victims of Ninja Profits were not even able to ask for compensation when they lost part of their savings invested in the Ninja Profit System.

The Ninja Profit System has the worst scam video presentation

The presentation video of the Ninja Profit System review is of very poor quality. Seriously, who could trust such mediocre advertisement spot? The video presenter doesn’t even give you his name and pretends that he made millions of dollars within a few months based on his revolutionary Ninja Profits trading signal. The most insane part is that he claims that he achieved all this with a starting capital of only 250 dollars. Come on? If it was possible to make money so easily, no one would get out off the bed to go to work and my guess is that you would see Lamborghinis and Ferraris in front of every house.

Ninja Profit System Profits binary robot scam

The Ninja Profit System Review

The presenter pretends to have worked at the NASDAQ stock exchange for more than fifteen years but he presumably quitted after he was able to make so much money. He precisely says that he made enough money with the Ninja Profit System that he will never have to work again for the rest of his life. So why is he going through the pain of building a website, making a video and using email marketing agencies to reach you? Why is he giving ihs revolutionary Ninja Profits trading signal software for free? I will give you an answer? He is doing it in order to scam you because he never made the money he is talking about. I am even sure that this guy does not even exist and that a professional scam company is behind all this marketing campaign. All the testimonials in the video are nothing more than Fiverr.com actors paid a couple dollars to tell whatever you want in front of a camera.

The advertised Ninja Profits performances are unachievable

This so-called ex-NASDAQ trader pretends that the Ninja Profit System has a winning ratio of 98% on its trades. Do I really need to tell you that this is simply impossible? Even the best traders in the world are not able to achieve such performances. A really high winning ratio can be achievable with traditional financial instruments because you can have the time to average down or up your positions and register a profit at maturity. But with binary options, it is strictly impossible. How can The Ninja Profit System pretends to generate 700% Daily profit. This only happens in fairy tales and financial markets are not one of them. Once again, keep your money safe and don’t invest in The Ninja Profit System or Ninja Profits.

Only trade with regulated binary options brokers

If you want to trade binary options, we highly recommend you to learn about these financial products and start trading with a reliable broker. All our recommended binary options brokers will provide you with useful educative materials and informative trading signals to help you with your first trades. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our 24option review and our Banc De Binary review. These are the two leaders of the binary options trading industry.

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