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New educational VOD at Anyoption – Binary Options

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Anyoption just released a new set of advanced VOD (videos on demand) to provide traders with additional interactive tools to learn about binary options and build successful strategies. All the videos are available on the Anyoption academy under the section “Academy videos” and “advanced video guides”. These new VOD cover new themes for traders and are nicely illustrated to help you understand more complex concepts about binary options trading. Most of these new VOD cover subjects related to money management and technical analysis. As you may already know, technical analysis is one of the most used methods by day traders to generate quick profits with multiple trades on the same asset over a short period of time. Anyoption is thus steadily improving its educational offer with its Anyoption Academy that keeps on proposing new contents and tools. As a reminder, Anyoption also proposes an extensive list of other educational tools for traders such as interactive trading guides, ebooks, product tutorials and an updated blog to help you identify the best trading opportunities.


New advanced VOD on the Anyoption Academy

We have listed below all the new VOD proposed by Anyoption as well as the themes covered in each of these videos. We already covered most of these topics on dedicated articles so don’t hesitate to use the search option to find more information on these subjects.

  • Passive trading 5/15 Rule: The 5/15 rule is a popular money management strategy that you need to follow if you want to implement passive trading strategies. The VOD will present you the basics of the strategy and illustrate it with simple examples.
  • Aggressive trading 10/30 Rule: The 10/30 rule is a more aggressive money management strategy that we would only recommend to more experienced traders. You will need a strict discipline and more available capital for this rule.
  • Market analysis types: A quick and simple introduction to fundamental and technical analysis. What are their principles and the differences between the two? How can you use both of these tools to improve your trading strategies and generate more profits?
  • Trend: A general introduction to market and graph trends as well as ways to identify and interpret these trends to make market assumptions. A VOD To definitely watch.
  • Support and Resistance: The principal purpose of technical analysis is to identify trends, supports and resistances that can either be tested or broken. These levels can then serve as entry points or targets for binary option traders.
  • Shooting star, Harami patterns: These are popular technical patterns form by candlesticks that you can identify on historical graph. Depending on the pattern, these indicators tend to be followed by steep price variations.
  • There are two additional VOD on the “Engulfing” pattern and the “3 withe soldiers” pattern. These two other technical patterns formed by price candlesticks that will help you improve your market hypothesis and gain more convictions about your trading scenarios.

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Anyoption is more and more focusing its innovation toward the recruitment of more experienced traders that may be interested in more advanced strategies and educational contents like the above mentioned VOD. With a minimum deposit of $200 and an attractive mix between a reliable trading platforms and advanced trading tools, Anyoption clearly stands out as one of the most interesting binary options brokers. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our detailed review of Anyoption and use our secured links for special benefits and the support from our full team.

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