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Detailed review of the Option+ functionality by AnyOption

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The binary option leader that is currently planning an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in London just released a new trading module Option+ AnyOption. The Option+ module is a new window that will open next to the trading platform and will help you monitor your open positions. This is not an option builder. You will not be able to customize the parameters and characteristics in the Option+ module; you will only be able to interact with your open positions.

Option+ functionalities

The Option+ module enables traders to monitor and interact with their open positions before they expire. It is a new module that will allow you to better visualize the underlying asset evolution and take the relevant decision. Traders will be able to early-close their positions in order to recover a higher refund. Traders will also have the opportunity to roll-over and double up their positions. As a reminder, when you double up a binary option, you double your initial investment and resent the reference price with the new spot price. When you roll-over your position, you double the maturity of your contract. These functionalities can help you improve your risk management.


How does it work?

When the trader wants to close its position early, he needs to perform a price request. The price will appear after several seconds and will only be valid for a short period of time. If the trader accepts the proposed price within the valid time frame, the position will be closed with the agreed refund, if not; the option will run until expiry.

This is an interesting functionality for traders that actively manage their positions and want to be able to perform pre-maturity modifications. Nevertheless, we regret that AnyOption did not integrate the Option+ module within the trading platform (as it is the case for OptionTime for example).

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