Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Trend Strategy With Binary Options – Trading Tutorial

trend strategy binary option

Trend Strategy is a favorite among beginners and professional traders alike. When adopting the Trend Strategy, all you really have to do is monitor and observe trend lines of a certain asset – whether these rise, decline or remain unchanged. From these this trends you can determine if the market sentiment is bullish, bearish or neutral on this specific asset. ... Read More »

Apple – Time To Buy Shares after the weak earnings ?


Apple reported disappointing earnings this week and the shares of the tech company went down by 6% in the following trading sessions. Is it the time to buy the stocks on weakness or is there further downside to come? This is the question we will try to answer in this article. Sooner this week, Apple reported weak earnings compared to ... Read More »

Buy Facebook stocks after the tremendous 4Q earnings?


The Famous social network Facebook just reported its 4Q earnings and came out with a strong beat on all metrics. Facebook just beat analysts’ estimates in terms of revenue, net profit and user growth. It seems that nothing can stop the social media company that is more and more emerging as the worldwide online-targeted advertisement leader. Details of the Facebook ... Read More »

Goldman Sachs lowers its Euro-Dollar forecasts


Back in January 2015, we informed you in exclusivity that Goldman Sachs forecasted EURUSD parity by 2017. This forecast was motivated by Goldman’s belief that a growth and competitiveness crisis was likely to continue in Europe, further weakening the Union currency. While the economic numbers stayed around their January levels in Europe, many external shocks have penalized the Eurozone currency. ... Read More »

Best Gold ETF – List of the best ETFs available to trade gold

best gold etf list trade buy

With the current market downturn since the beginning of the year, more and more retail investors are searching for simple and affordable ways to speculate on gold prices. The S&P500, which is the most traded and followed US equity index, has begun 2016 with its worst performance ever. While we believe markets could experience a short-term relief after such a ... Read More »

Top 5 indices for binary options trading


While equity traders tend to focus on specific companies and hold their stocks over long period of times, more and more binary option traders chose indices as their underlying assets. This is because indices are less volatile and less sensitive to external shocks than individual equities. Investors are thus able to benefit from the direction of indices via the leverage ... Read More »

Oil price at lows – Time to buy binary options on oil?


Oil is currently trading at its lowest level in 7 years as oil supply helped by the shale industry in the United States far outweighs oil demand weakened by the slowing global economic growth. If you add the increasing competition from renewable energies such as solar power or natural gas, you can easily understand why oil is down almost 70% ... Read More »

Buy Alibaba shares with no commission


The Chinese e-commerce giant continues its tremendous growth on the sector and just registered an astronomical Singles’ Day sales yesterday. The stock jumped after the company announced it handled $14.3 billion in sales over the 24-hour shopping period, a 60 percent increase compared to the previous year in 2014. You could argue that it might not be the best time ... Read More »

Virtual currency – Bitcoin at highs of year – Sell opportunity?


The virtual currency price has been soaring over the last months and the trend strongly accelerated over the last trading sessions. The bitcoin is up 140% from its January 2015 lows and even registered an impressive 91% positive performance since late August (in just 3 months). The virtual currency that currently trades at 380 US Dollars is still far from ... Read More »