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Top Investors are Worried about Negative Interest Rates

investors negative interest rates

Once in a while, we like to step back from the binary options industry in order to provide you with a wider prospect of what is going on in the market as well as investors positioning. Last week, more than 1’300 professionals fund managers gathered in Berlin for the FundForum in order to discuss the current investment outlook and prospects ... Read More »

24option eBook – A new free binary options guide for traders

24option eBook binary options trading

As you may know by now, 24option is the leader of our binary options broker ranking in the United Kingdom. The broker, that recently multiplied the sponsoring partnerships with several football clubs (Juventus FC in Italy and Olympique Lyonnais in France) as well as with legendary German tennis player Boris Becker, is now focusing on educative contents for its clients. ... Read More »

How to Buy Gold Binary Options – Trading Gold


Gold is one of the most popular commodities among retail traders. Nevertheless, for many years, the high margin requirements and the multiple authorisations to have access to the gold exchanges kept retail traders away from the commodity. Not so long ago, margin requirements to trade gold were starting at 10’000 US dollars and traders were still facing a huge risk ... Read More »

Day trading with binary options explained


Most binary option traders can be considered as day traders. Binary options were created to improve the performance of day trading strategies. They allow you to open and close a trading position multiple times during the same day to benefit from small price moves on the underlying asset. You need two things to build successful day trading strategies: good timing ... Read More »

Binary option basics – infographic for beginners


Many investors still have basic questions about binary options. We decided to create this really simple infographic that presents the basics of binary options to help you understand this financial instrument. We tried to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible. This is thus a document for beginners that want to learn about the mechanism and specificities of binary ... Read More »

The keys to success with binary options trading


Of course, there are no keys to success in trading. Otherwise, everyone will be trading online, working from home and making millions without sweating. We don’t live in such world. There is no secret formula or absolute strategies to predict financial market moves and make money.  There is not a single set of steps you can follow to achieve success ... Read More »

Trading oil with binary options – buy or sell


Crude oil is at the cornerstone of the global economy and happens to also be the most traded commodity in the world in terms of value. Even though there exist a lot of other popular commodity assets among retail traders (gold, copper, wheat…), oil is also the most traded commodity among retail traders either through binary options, CFD or futures contracts. Why? ... Read More »

Trading equity stocks with binary options – Buy or Sell


An equity stock is a share of the capital of a listed company that is traded on major stock exchanges. This share of capital, known as equity stock may provide its owner with several rights. The right to benefit from the capital appreciation of the company shares, the right to vote during general assemblies of the company and the right to ... Read More »

Is binary option trading easy compared to forex?


If you are new to financial markets, it is a legitimate question to ask yourself. Is binary options trading easy compared to forex? Is it more risky? From a theoretical point of view: we would say yes! Binary options are a lot easier to understand than forex trading instruments (CFD, Swaps, Forward Rate Agreements, Dual Currency Notes…). All these financial instrument valuations ... Read More »