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Trader psychology for binary options trading – resisting stress


Psychology represents a key aspect of trading. The best traders are the ones who are able to let their emotions aside and trade with discipline whatever the market conditions and whatever the mark-to-market of their positions. The psychology of trading intends to analyze and rationalize the trader’s emotional responses to the events in the market and in their holdings. The ... Read More »

Full review of the option builder for binary options trading


There exist multiple types of binary options: HIGH, LOW, one touch, no touch, range binary options… Most of the time, online binary options brokers will propose you standard binary options with pre-selected features: underlying, maturity, return… You might want to set your own features if you want to speculate on a specific scenario. This is the main purpose of the ... Read More »

The Take-Profit feature of binary options borkers


When it comes to choose the binary options broker that better fits your need, it is important to look at all the different features that the broker is proposing with its platform. The Take-Profit functionality is one of these features. It enables you to prematurely (before the expiry) close your binary option position and generate a profit (albeit lower than ... Read More »

Do binary options brokers provide real-time data?


If you are currently looking to open a trading account with an online binary options broker, there is one question you should definitely ask yourself. Where does this broker get his data from? It represents critical feature for any broker you are considering. Lots of brokers have been accused of using an operational practice called “different price” that has resulted ... Read More »

Differences between binary options and CFD


As you may have read in countless websites and financial markets forums, binary options and CFDs (Contract for Difference) are the most traded financial instruments by retail traders. These two products share some similarities but also diverge in many ways. We propose to list below the key similarities and differences between binary options and CFD trading. Similarities between binary options ... Read More »

Are binary options comparable to gambling?


Binary options are nothing like casino games and gambling. The strategy and the arguments supporting the investment are completely different. Casino games are, most of the time, probability games. You get a return based on the probability of realisation of an event and it is always at a disadvantage to the player and at an advantage for the casino. The ... Read More »

Typical mistakes to avoid when trading binary options


Being a successful trader requires a lot of different skills (patience, curiosity, discipline…) and years of experience. Even thought it is difficult to identify the precise characteristics that make you a successful trader, it is quit easy to identify the main mistakes that unsuccessful traders repeat over and over. We have been trading all sorts of instruments on all asset ... Read More »

What are binary option white label brokers?


If you are currently searching for the best binary option broker on different websites and forums, you should certainly have encountered the term “White label” or white label partnership. You are currently looking to open a trading account with a binary option broker but you only find few differences between all the brokers available. This is not entirely false; nevertheless, there ... Read More »

The main advantages of trading binary options


There exist lots of advantages to use binary options in order to speculate on financial markets and make money. Binary options are really easy-to-use instruments that were designed for active traders who want to profit from small moves in the underlying asset price. For those new to trading, binary options are the single most simple alternatives on the market, really ... Read More »

Return on loss proposed by binary option brokers


The binary options business is quite new to the online trading sector. It is therefore constantly evolving and proposing new instruments and functionalities. If you took a look at our different broker reviews and visited different websites offering binary option trading services, you probably noticed that most of them are proposing a return on loss or refund functionality. What is ... Read More »