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Asset Classes Presentation – Binary Options Trading

asset classes binary options trading

If you want to trade binary options, you must first understand the basic principles of financial markets trading. As we explained it in our previous article, “trading is an investment activity that involves the buying and selling of financial assets.” These financial assets can be of different types. Within financial markets, we call these different types “asset classes”. There exist ... Read More »

Top 5 most popular candlestick patterns for trading


As explained in our previous article, Introduction to Candlestick Charts for Trading, the analysis of candlestick patterns represents one of the biggest parts of what traders call Technical Analysis. Technical analysis aggregates the data into charts and indicators and helps you identify trading opportunities on a large range of financial instruments. Not only it can help you predict the time ... Read More »

Introduction to Candlestick Chart for Trading binaries


Candlestick charts create a perfect mix between a line chart and a bar graph, providing more information about the price variations than any other chart type. Overall these candlestick charts enable you to have a more precise description of the price discovery of the specific asset you study. The analysis of these candlesticks can help you identify trading opportunities and ... Read More »

Keep Your Trading Simple if you want to make money

keep-trading simple binary

This is one of the most used quotes in financial markets. It is posted on every specialized website, forum and we might even have used it before here on prior articles. The key to make money on financial markets would be to Keep Your Trading Simple. But what does this really means and how to efficiently follow this rule? This ... Read More »

Bad trading habits to get rid of for binary options

bad trading habits binary options

When it comes to trading, there exist many mistakes and bad habits one needs to get rid off if one wants to achieve a satisfying performance. Bad habits tend to be costly in many ways especially for new traders. And these bad habits can even turn out to be extremely costly when trading binary options. Bad habits are often formed ... Read More »

Your First Binary Option Trade – Call or Put ?


You first binary option trade will not be easy. It might even be the scariest one. Nevertheless, you will see that once it is done, everything seems a lot simpler. Before your first binary option trade, you must definitely understand all the characteristics of a binary option and all the available functionalities provided by the platform of your broker. Once ... Read More »

10 Reasons To Start Trading Binary Options Online


More and more people are tempted to trade binary options. Although binary options are quite simple to understand when compared with most financial instrument, one should not start trading binaries without understanding the advantages of this financial product. Like any leverage instruments, binary options can be extremely risky. Nevertheless, if you dedicate time to learn about financial markets and trading ... Read More »

The keys to success with binary options trading


Of course, there are no keys to success in trading. Otherwise, everyone will be trading online, working from home and making millions without sweating. We don’t live in such world. There is no secret formula or absolute strategies to predict financial market moves and make money.  There is not a single set of steps you can follow to achieve success ... Read More »

Most common binary option scam complaints


As you know, and as we often repeat it you on the website, there are lots of online trading scams that try to make a profit out of people that are new to the trading world and that don’t pay attention to the key aspects of their broker. The binary options universe is not exempt from these scams. It is ... Read More »

Learn binary options – key tips and ressources


When you don’t know anything about financial markets and binary options, it’s rather difficult to know where to look for advices and tips. But if you really want to learn about binary options trading, there are plenty of freely available resources you can use out there on broker websites. We believe that the most efficient way to learn something is ... Read More »