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Buy Ferrari stocks without commissions

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Ferrari is the hottest equity stock at the moment and everybody is talking about it. Fiat Chrysler that owned the luxury car producer for many years has decided to IPO the company. An IPO, Initial Public Offering, consists of listing a comnpany on a stock exchange so that traders around the world can buy or sell shares of the company and benefit from the growing earnings of the firm. The Ferrari IPO took place on the 21st of October 2015 on the New York Stock Exchange and it has become the hottest topics among financial market analysts and traders. Only 10% of Ferrari’s capital was listed on the NYSE so many traders rushed on the stock and sent it 10% higher after the first trading session. Many investors decided to buy Ferrari stocks to benefit from the high margins of the company and the growing numbers of millionaires over the last years that are likely to keep on boosting the company revenues for the year to come.


How to buy Ferrari stocks?

When such a high-flying IPO takes place, it is always difficult to get shares on the primary market (before the first trading date) and it is even more difficult for retail traders to buy Ferrari stocks. Most of the primary market Ferrari shares were trusted by big financial institutions such as pension funds or banks that pledge to invest big amounts of money to buy Ferrari stock in order to secure their exclusivity. Many retail brokers will take time to add the stock to their existing asset portfolio because it takes time to connect to the different stock exchanges and they have to complete many regulatory forms. Nevertheless, some brokers are extremely quick to add new hot stocks because they know they will face a high demand from their clients. It was the case on Wednesday as many retails traders were trying to find a way to buy Ferrari stocks on the market. 24option, the leading binary options broker in the UK, already proposes to Buy Ferrari stocks without commission and hope to attract new clients with this exclusive offering.

24option is the first broker to propose to buy Ferrari stocks

For those of you who don’t already know 24option, it is the most popular binary options broker in Europe. The broker, that is an official sponsor of the Juventus football club, is fully regulated by the CySEC and recently opened an office in London to improve its brand image and its support services for English traders. 24option is the binary option European leader in terms of volume traded and is likely to keep on growing thanks to its competitive trading conditions and quality sponsoring partnerships (Juventus in Italy, Olympique Lyonnais in France and former tennis player legend Boris Becker in Germany).

Buy Ferrari stocks via binary options

It is not easy to determine the best timing to buy Ferrari stocks. This is why the 24option’s advisors will help you to build a successful trading strategy on Ferrari based on multiple analyst research and technical analysis patterns. It is always interesting to buy the shares of a company just after its IPO since all the media create a buzz about the event and help the performance of the stock. This bullish boost can nevertheless be short lived. This is why it makes sense to buy binary options on Ferrari. Binary options are short-term financial instruments by definition and they help you capture the quick boost of the Ferrari stocks. On the longer term, analysts are also positive on the company considering Ferrari has managed to steadily increase its revenues over the last years.

Visit 24Option

If you want more information on how to buy Ferrari stocks via binary options, don’t hesitate to check the 24option website using the below link and feel free to have al look at our detailed 24option review if you want to open an account with this leading broker.

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