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Buy Alibaba shares with no commission

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The Chinese e-commerce giant continues its tremendous growth on the sector and just registered an astronomical Singles’ Day sales yesterday. The stock jumped after the company announced it handled $14.3 billion in sales over the 24-hour shopping period, a 60 percent increase compared to the previous year in 2014. You could argue that it might not be the best time to buy Alibaba shares after they have been pushed higher by the good numbers. However, the Alibaba share retraced a bit of their upside after CEO Jack Ma made some cautionary comments about growth expectations in China and the impact on Alibaba. The CEO of the biggest Chinese company listed in the United Stated also announced that the expansion into India would be slower than excepted. Don’t be fooled here! Jack Ma knows how to manage analysts’ forecasts and he prefers to lower expectations in order to be able to beat them in the future and reinforce the strength of Alibaba shares. We still believe that there is a lot of upside to buy Alibaba shares here. Well good news, Interactive Option proposes you to buy Alibaba shares without commissions using binary options


Buy Alibaba shares now ?

For those of you who don’t already know it, Interactive Option is the fastest growing binary option broker in the United Kingdom and in Europe, The broker, which is an official sponsor partner of the OGC Nice football club (currently ranked 6th of the Ligue 1 in France), is fully regulated by the CySEC and recently received all the authorizations from the Financial Conduct Authority. The broker recently added Alibaba to its list of available equities so if you believe that the company will manage to keep on developing its e-commerce business while maintaining its historically low cost/income ratio than it might be the perfect timing to act.

The Interactive Option advisors will help you

It is not easy to determine the best timing to buy Alibaba shares. This is the reason why the Interactive Option advisors will help you to build a successful trading strategy on Alibaba based on multiple analyst researches and technical analysis patterns. It is always interesting to buy the shares of a company just after the CEO makes downbeat comments on it as all the worst is already priced in and the stock has the opportunity to bounce on any good news. This is also the reason why it makes sense to use binary options to buy Alibaba shares. Binary options are short-term financial instruments by definition and they can help you capture the quick bounces in Alibaba shares. On the longer term, analysts are still positive on the company considering Alibaba was able to keep growing its business above expectations despite the weaker China macro backdrop.

Visit Interactive Option

If you want more information on how to buy Alibaba shares via binary options, don’t hesitate to check the Interactive Option website using the above link and feel free to have a look at our detailed Interactive option review if you want to open an account with this reliable broker.

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