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Avoid TitanTrade – Not a scam but not a reliable broker

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More and more people are asking us what we think about a lot of new binary options brokers that are popping everyday, and there were numerous enquiries about TitanTrade lately. For the moment we try to flag the fraudulent brokers that we identify in order to help you avoid binary options broker scams. We only recommend few brokers and we intend to continue like this. We believe that our selection of brokers covers all the comparative advantages that traders are likely to search for their broker. We don’t see the point in reviewing all the brokers of the market (of which most are scams) and prefer to focus on our recommended brokers that we believe are the bests on the market.


TitanTrade is not regulated

First of all, TitanTrade is not regulated. Indeed, the broker never received nor even applied for a CIF trading license delivered by the CySEC (the Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission ). As such, the broker is not authorized in any European countries by the relevant financial regulators. It means that the broker doesn’t have to comply with the standard rules enforced by regulators to ensure the security and safety of the client’s funds. As a non-regulated broker, your deposited cash is not eligible for the European guarantee fund. Even worst, the broker has been included in the binary options brokers blacklist released quarterly by the AMF (the French financial regulator).

TitanTrade suffers a lot of complaints regarding withdrawals

What worries us the most is the number of complaints you can find online regarding binary options deposit withdrawal problems linked to TitanTrade. The broker is not regulated and is headquartered in a tax haven. The only valid address of the broker mentioned on its website is Global Gateway 8, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles. Whatever UK phone number provided on their website for client support might just be redirected to wherever the broker is established (the phone says London, the address says Seychelles, the website IP says Denmark…).


The broker recently partnered with Alpha Fund Software, a binary options trading robot that was reported by many specialized website as a scam that was fishing victims through mail marketing. The Alpha Fund Software is just another brand for the TintanTrade trading robot called autobot. The trading software is claiming top make as much as $32 per minute!! That is $1920 per hour or $46,080 per full 24 hours. There exist no such risk-free performances in trading and you should never let greed guides you and let you get tricked by fairy tales. Even though its website and platform looks fancy, TitanTrade is just a white label binary options broker that uses the SpotOption technology. The quality and design of a platform are not the key criteria to choose your binary options brokers. The platform can be the best in the world, if you cannot withdraw your profits, there is just no point in depositing with a broker.


Also we cannot find true evidence that TitanTrade is a binary options scam, the absence of any regulation, the amounts of complaints regarding withdrawals, the disproportionate minimum deposit amount of $500 and the lack of clarity regarding the company’s structure motivate us to recommend you to stay away from TitanTrade that does not look like a reliable broker.

With a growing visibility in the UK, our website is getting more and more attention from binary options brokers. We receive countless propositions from non-regulated brokers that want to be included in our ranking of the best binary options brokers. These scams are willing to pay high premiums to get a recommendation from a trusted website. We always refuse this kind of partnerships and we vow to denounce and condemn these brokers rather than promoting them.

We only recommend the best regulated binary options brokers – regulated by the Cysec and authorized by the most important European financial regulators (FCA, AMF, BaFin…). Within these regulated brokers, we try to identify the ones that present a comparative advantage in the industry (biggest portfolio of binary option assets, best technical analysis tools, lowest minimum depositbest binary options bonus…). Don’t hesitate to have a look at our detailed reviews of, 24optionAnyOption and TopOption for further information. We can only recommend you to use our secure links to access these brokers’ websites. This would secure safe withdrawals and our full support if you face any problem.


  1. Titantrade is a scam 100%.
    None of their promises realised.
    Their ‘leading brokers’ are complete chancers, lies after lies.
    When normal professionals hear what they advised me, they could not believe it.
    They will soon be struck off, trust me.

  2. I can only agree with Dave: Do not waste your money with Titan Trade, they do not return funds! On top of it they are located in Seychelles, so even with the help of a lawyer it is very difficult to get the money back…

    • Charles Beaujoire

      We are sorry to hear that Daniela. Don’t hesitate to share our website to the other victims. We definitely try to identify all the scams to help people mike you avoid them.


    • Titan is rubbish l mean rubbish how can we tell the world about how robbers they are honestly it’s unbelievable l believe it’s only address in cypress they operate in Singapore this is where they are thank you my brother for opening my eyes which are best traders to deal with my brother

  3. Don’t give your money to Titan Trade, they won’t give it back to you! My boyfriend is trying to get his money back from them for almost 2 months now, without any success. They are thieves, stay away from them…

  4. Do not trust them, they are layers, I lot my money, them all the time was calling that i make take deal, even then reasure me that they have good trades, but it its just bullshit

  5. I have an account in titantrade, but can not log in my account for mor than a weak. They keep saying, will fix it, but believe they not going to do that..any idea how should I act?

  6. Do not waste your money with them, they do not return funds. Do not trust them.

  7. brendan costello

    I have opened an account with titan trade but have not started trading yet.

    • Hi Brendan,
      Please let us know if you face any problem.
      This will be an interesting testimony for our readers.

    • Have you done any trading up to now Brendon if so have you made any withdrawals and how did it go??

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