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Anyoption is experiencing a tremendous user growth

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More and more people are asking us what we think about a lot of new binary options brokers that are popping everyday. For the moment we try to flag the fraudulent brokers that we identify in order to help you avoid binary options broker scams. We only recommend few brokers and we intend to continue like this. We believe that our selection of brokers covers all the comparative advantages that traders are likely to search for their broker. We don’t see the point in reviewing all the brokers of the market (of which most are scams) and prefer to focus on our recommended brokers that we believe are the best on the market.


Anoption is one of the leaders in binary options trading

Anyoption was one of the first binary options broker out there and this explains its strong reputation. The broker is of course regulated by the CySEC and authorised by the FCA (as it is the case for all the members of our ranking of the best binary options brokers). Following the rumours of an incoming IPO concerning Anyoption, which would represent the first IPO ever of a binary options broker, the company has starting to publish official numbers on its activity. The least we can say is that Anyoption is currently experiencing a strong growth on all its markets.

During the first quarter of 2015, Anyoption registered a significant user growth worldwide. The broker just announced that it had on-boarded 17’800 new clients in 1Q2015. This is an exceptional growth when compared to traditional forex or CFD brokers. The best of the best traditional brokers are hardly reaching a 15’000 user growth per quarter.

Anyoption’s financial growth is also significant

Along with the number on new users, Anyoption also announced that its revenue was up 36% vs. the previous quarter and up 65% vs. the same period a year earlier (2Q2015).

We are proud to have recommended Anyoption for more than two years as this growth numbers give us confidence that it is one of the best regulated binary options brokers out there. With 17’800 new clients in one quarter after more than 7 years in the business, you can be sure that AnyOption is not a scam and that it provides a high standard service to its clients. Anyoption is particularly known in the business for proposing the largest portfolio of available assets on binary options. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our detailed review of Anyoption or visit their website through our secure link below.

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